Weekly Post: A New Beginning

If you ever read this blog, and your probably don’t, you may notice that my posts are far from frequent. I have decided I want to change this. So from now on I shall be posting weekly posts about what games I have been playing.

Sometimes these posts will be very short and contain a lot about Super Smash Bros. Melee which is a game I play a lot of. As well as this I play this game at a reasonably high level so I may get quite technical. For a quick summary the deeper aspects of SSBM watch this video by popular speedrunner Cosmo, who explains it all very well. Other times the posts will be lengthy, like this one, as I will have played a lot of different games.

So my last post was quick discussion of Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time and since then I have been playing a lot of stuff. So prepare yourself, here it goes.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

A housemate was excited for GTA:V and was delighted when I told him I had a copy of this lying around that I hadn’t played. So we busted out and played it to near completion. We haven’t done the last mission and that’s it, it barely feels worth it completing it now since the last mission is pretty tricky. First things first, this game is pretty tricky. There are some missions where I’m not sure how possible they would be without cheats. One particular mission sticks in my head, you had to flee from the Police in an already damaged van. If the van blows up, you fail. If you get out of the van for too long, you fail. The Police cars are faster than you and will ram your van into walls. You WILL blow up, I don’t really see how you can avoid the police cars for long enough, as they are limitless and there’s very little you can do to defend yourself. Thank God for cheats allowing you to lower your wanted level and restore the health of your car. Overall the game is pretty good a bit of a GTA classic. The shooting is pretty awkward, the only way to hit people is to stand perfectly still and fire at them whilst they do the same to you. There’s no real strategy involved and it can quickly get very irritating with multiple enemies. I’ve heard complaints that the map is too small but it’s a pretty good size. It’s not as big as San Andreas but it is also older. It’s not that bad really, could be bigger but it’s alright. The game has it’s share of interesting missions and has that Rockstar sense of humour that permeates their games. Worth a play I think, especially as a nostalgia trip.

Grand Theft Auto: V

A recent one for a change. Grand Theft Auto V enjoyed widespread critical praise for everything apart from the Online. This is one I don’t want to take about too much as I am still considering writing a full post about it. I don’t actually own this one, my housemate does but I did play through a significant portion of the game with him. Overall impressions are very good. Huge game world with plenty to do, you can have enough fun stealing cars and punching people to keep you amused for a few hours. I like the three characters, all with their separate specialties and personalities and I also like the attributes aspect. Gives a sense of progress that isn’t always apparent in Grand Theft Auto games. The missions are very fun for the most part and a colourful collection of supporting characters combined with Rockstar’s sense of humour (which is running rampant in this game) make for an amusing experience. This game has it’s problems but it’s a barrel of fun and has enough content to keep you amused for a very long time. Definitely worth a pick up, this is what ‘next gen’ games should be like.

God Hand

This is one I will be definitely be writing about in the future. Probably when/if I finish it. Traditionally God Hand is looked upon a hidden gem and this is for good reason. This game was panned when it first came out but is actually very very good. It is hard though, very hard. If you do better and avoid enemy attacks your level increases, when your level increases the enemies get tougher. However, you can dodge everything any enemy throws at you. The game also has a build-a-combo system that allows you to play the game your way. The game’s camera (which is fixed behind you) can work against you, which is the only time the game is actually frustrating. Not gonna say too much now as a full post is coming, I may also be writing an article about the game for a University publication so I’m keeping my ideas to myself for now.

Dota 2

I do play some Dota 2 every now and then. It’s my ARTS of choice (mostly because it’s based on my favourite game, Warcraft 3). Not gonna talk about it really because there are hundreds of places you can go to hear this game being talked about more intelligently than I could.

Sonic 2

Only played a bit of this one. Seems better than the first one overall. More interesting level design and an opportunity for co-op, even if it is poorly implemented. Probably gonna write about this one as well and I’ve barely played this so I’m not gonna say too much.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Again, gonna wait to talk about my weekly Melee activities because I could gone on for hours about this one. I will announce that I finally got to play with people at my University’s Computer Games’ Society and got invited to a mini ‘Smash Fest’ at someone’s house this Sunday. The guy hosting is pretty damn good, better than me for sure. I hope to improve by playing with people instead of the CPUs. Judging by CGSoc, most of the guys are at a similar skill level to me and I may be a little better than a few of them. But there’s definitely things I can learn and I’m always trying to improve with all my characters.

So that’s it then! The first Weekly Round-Up is complete! This is a long one because of the time since I last posted but most of them will be a lot shorter than this I promise. Hopefully you’ll stick around and come back, maybe read them every now and then. That’d be nice.

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