Weekly Post… Sort of. (News: Blizzcon 2013)

So remember when I said some weeks ago that I would be doing weekly blogs about my video games? Heh, good one eh? I am a real card.

In all seriousness, I have been quite busy with deadlines and various university stuff in the last week or so. I have also been trying to maintain my small but carefully managed social life, and by carefully managed I mean hiding from everyone until I get dragged from my room. Well it works for me. So unfortunately I haven’t been playing many video games, certainly nothing new. If you really want to read something I’ve written, you can have this article I wrote for my university entertainment magazine about God Hand. It’s not my full fleshed out thoughts of the game and is aimed at an audience that don’t know shit about video games.

I guess I could briefly mention Blizzcon 2013, which is actually still on going. I could make this a shitty news post mostly based on my opinions of facts I saw once on twitter and are probably false. Yeah, that sounds good.

So the two main things I know about and have opinions on are the Heroes of the Storm and the new WoW expansion. I adore Warcraft III, it is my favourite game of all time. Every move that Blizzard makes with Warcraft that means there’s an even smaller chance of Warcraft 4 ever existing and that makes me sad. Warlord’s of Draenor does not make me want to resub, it did not fill me with excitement or anything remotely approaching it. I would probably say something about the lore being in tatters, what with the time travel elements announced but actually it’s already ruined. Someone told me they brought Muradin Bronzebeard back from the dead (claiming he was unconcious or some shit) and after having found this to be true World of Warcraft makes me feel a bit ill every time I really think about it. If my two close WoW playing friends resub I might but I’d have to buy BC, WotLK, Cata and MoP as well as the new expac. So probably not gonna be doing that.

As for HotS (Heroes of the Storm, not Heart of the Swarm. Thanks Blizz) I’m a little unimpressed. I’ll probably play it a bit because it’s free but I don’t see it replacing Dota 2 in my life. It looks kind of fun, I watched the casted game between developers (which is available on youtube) but I didn’t really know what the fuck was going on (skills wise) and I have a suspicion that the game was probably staged to show off the game to the fullest. Above all the game looks to have no competitive elements AT ALL. This is not a bad thing really, with Dota 2 and LoL competing as it is, another Dota-like really doesn’t have a lot of chance. Even Blizzard’s backing won’t do much good as Dota 2 is already based off Warcraft 3 models/mechanics etc. I enjoy playing Awesomenauts when I can get a good connection and that game is pretty silly. So I’ll probably play it, with friends, but not by myself. I’ll probably also play exclusively Arthas and Thrall since I’m a WC3 kinda guy.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say about that, sorry for the usual lack of content. I promise I’ll get better! (maybe) If you are one of the two/three followers of this blog, I hope these weekly updates aren’t getting on your nerves. Thank you for patronage and I hope you keep reading!

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