The 9th Console War

Now that both the Xbone and the Playstation 4 are out, I thought I’d weigh in with my uneducated and ill-informed opinion. After all, what’s another one in a sea of thousands and thousands?

To begin with, I hear that when it comes to processing power,  the two are pretty much even. This isn’t like the last great war where the PS3 came out ages after the 360 and therefore was much more powerful. They’re pretty much the same in terms of processing, I hear the PS4 edges by a bit but really, it doesn’t matter too much. I hear that both are ahead of the Wii U but Nintendo have been behind in the graphics department for years, at least it’s in HD this time. So if power isn’t a reason to buy each console, what is? I’m gonna take this opportunity to throw in my two cents here. Graphics never really govern choice for me, look at all those fantastic games that can still be played today despite looking like shit. I’m currently playing through God Hand, a game where you can see through walls if you get close enough to them and I’m loving it. Why? BECAUSE OF THE GAMEPLAY. The most important part of the game.

I guess another issue with new consoles is whether they actually function. After the whole RROD thing a consumer has a right to be suspicious of new, clearly rushed out hardware. I’ve heard the PS4 is perfectly capable of bricking itself and that it doesn’t stand steady and wobbles if provoked. However, the Xboner has dodgy voice recognition and of course, the horrific Kinect watching you when you sleep. You may also be banned from Xbox Live if you swear in a grotesque example of putting things in the terms and services when you know people don’t read it. A service, which you are paying for, can be taken away from you if you swear in your own living room. Thanks Microshit. The Playstation service thing, whatever it’s called (which you now have to pay for by the way) apparently has lots of advertisements. If it was free, I could understand but if you are PAYING for the service having adverts as well sounds awful.

Something I have already talked about a little bit in the previous paragraph I will now reveal my full displeasure for. Use of the internet is not free, you already have to pay for the service and possibly line rental as well. This generation, both Microshit and Sony have decided that we should pay for the pleasure of using the internet on their consoles. With Sony, you get the same stuff you got with their paid service with the PS3 (i.e. free games/discounted games that if you really wanted you would have paid for already) and Xbone Live is more of the same. Joy. Sony had an enormous advantage if they kept their online free, I would almost certainly have bought their product. But paying a monthly/annual fee for online? On a student budget?  Simply not going to happen. Half the new games being announced are touting revolutionary online play as a major selling point, but not only do you have to pay for the game to be able to experience this, you have to pay to play with your friends. No. Stop.

And then, on top of all this apparently the launch exclusives all suck. Knack in particular I remember getting trashed by most critics. Forza 5 has recently been revealed to contain an enormous content pay wall, with half the game hidden by DLC. In this absolutely disgusting decision Microsoft tossed away a potential advantage. Killzone and Uncharted are probably going to be more of the same (i.e. boring) and Titanfall is available on PC. So where are the reasons to buy either console? That’s a very good question…

This leads me onto my conclusion quite nicely. Why would you buy a console this generation? Potential answers: You want the next iteration of your favourite sport game? Here you don’t reaaaally want a video game, you want be interacting with your favourite sport. You want something to play with friends. Maybe you want a Wii U to play the new iteration in legendary franchises like the Legend of Zelda and Mario? In this case, it might be worth it. There’s bound to be a few games that interest you and at least it’s got the cool tablet thingy. The Virtual Store allows you to play past gems and it’s probably cheaper than actually buying the console and game so it might be worth it just for that. Reasons to buy a PS4 or an Xbone ? I can’t really see many to be honest. Just play games on PC, Steam is much nicer to use. Whilst building/buying a powerful computer may be more expensive than a console it will last longer and it does have multiple uses whilst a console has one really. In short, don’t buy a PS4 or an Xbone. They both have pretty enormous problems and frankly, you shouldn’t give these companies your custom. They do not deserve it.

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